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We carbon offset every orders' CO2 emissions.

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1 Journey Bag sold = 1 Tree planted.

In partnership with One Tree Planted.

Journey Bags X The Bloom Project

The Bloom Project is an organisation that aims to provide meaningful work and support to women that come from disadvantaged social situations, such as forms of mental and physical abuse. We have collaborated on this new product line to show our support for the amazing work being done by The Bloom Project.


All of these products are handmade in Switzerland and 15% of the proceeds from each product sold will go straight back to The Bloom Project, so that they can continue to support those that are most vulnerable.

Colour, Convenience & Character.

From the sewing of our handmade bags, to compensating for the CO2 emissions we produce, to our fully recyclable packaging, or the planting of trees - click the button below to find out everything there is to know about Journey Bags and our wider approach to becoming a sustainable company!